Psi believes in working with businesses in an holistic fashion, which requires and in-depth understanding of a client’s business objectives before a communications strategy is developed.

Communications strategies form the cornerstone of all work done by Psi and means that all tactics are strategic in nature and not done on a whim or merely in an effort to garner (nice but) sometimes meaningless coverage.

In nutshell, here is a list of services that Psi can offer your company:

  • Communication strategies – that all-important document that will often guide a company through even the trickiest of times
  • PR delivery – Psi has great relationships with many local journalists and prides itself on delivering excellent, media-relevant copy that gets published.
  • Media training – all the confidence in the world won’t help you when you are on air for the first time. Psi will take you through key aspects of how to deal with the media and tricks on how to get them on your side.
  • Public Affairs – Lobbying has become a dirty word often associated with the big tobacco companies or the oil industry. But many companies have to educate the people making policies that govern their industry as well as the regulators enforcing that policy. Psi can assist with this and we will look at an holistic strategy that can see your company accessing the right people in the right departments at the right time.
  • Crisis Communications – if all else fails… This is often the last resort companies turn to when faced with a crisis. However, the truly progressive manager understands that having a well documented, current crisis communication plan can be the difference between a 300-word article on page 16 outlining the facts of the case and its resolution, or a front page news story that speculates about the future of your company.